Who is a Phlebotomist? Duties And Responsibilities

General idea about what is a phlebotomist:

Many people might want to know that what is a phlebotomist. Well they are health care individuals who are specifically trained to take out blood via the patient’s body in a secure way. They are in fact the individuals who draw samples of blood and prepare them for various testing and collections. For performing all such activities there are various educations and qualifications which one needs to go through to achieve this position. Also certain licenses and certifications are also necessary for becoming a phlebotomist.

What Is A Phlebotomist

The steps:

Our readers who are somewhat interested in this profession may ask a question which is how to become a phlebotomist? Well to be honest it is not a piece of cake as there are various steps associated which one needs to follow to become a phlebotomist. They are as follows:

  • The first stage is to try and get a diploma or something equivalent to a GED, which is a basic essential to enter a phlebotomy training initiation. The age limit is about 18 to enter and not less than that.
  • The second stage includes completion of the phlebotomy training initiation. Blokes interested in becoming a phlebotomist generally enroll themselves at a college program or at a technical school. They are short term programs and it is here where they sort of learn the knowledge of drawing blood safely and the proper mechanisms to interact with the patients. Some of the usual courses include potential legal issues, proper disposal of gadgets and equipments and safety of the lab. Through these programs the candidates will get first class experience to juggle their classrooms and on hand hospital or clinic environments.
  • After completion of all the educational initiations comes that licenses and certification stage. The candidates can now decide to become professionals. They will be awarded certificates which are available from national phlebotomy certification. However there are still many pre-requisites which need consideration, such as to get certified, the candidates must match up to the eligibility requirements of the firm. Some of the requirements are they need to complete 1040 hours experience in work and have to vigorously pass their certification examinations. The requirement however may vary from place to place.
  • The final stage is the stage when these candidates get employment. It is that moment when they finally reap the rewards for their tremendous hard work. Potential phlebotomists can search for appointment at clinics or hospitals where as per the S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the opportunity for the employment is plenty. On the other hand, these phlebotomists may work on other medical professions who are mainly meant for testing samples of blood. As per the pay outs the BSL report suggested that the mean per annum salary is about $30,910.

The responsibilities:

  • The main task or responsibility is to maintain safety. They are individuals who have to render extra care as their profession involves taking out blood from the body of the people. It is well acknowledged fact that larger number of illness can be transmitted through blood contact and also that improper usage of needles also poses a fair danger to the patients. Thus this is the reason why these phlebotomists have to incur extra amount of safety measures and protocols while dealing with the patients. They are also taught first aid so that they are able to react and function quickly during times of crisis.
  • In many areas it is seen that these phlebotomists are in charge of keeping the place where the blood is stored, properly managed. They are in charge of ensuring that the place from where the blood is being drawn and stored in tidy and clean or not. This means that they keep a close watch of the cleanliness and ensures that regular new supplies are added and the placed is cleaned on a regular basis.
  • The life of a phlebotomist is very exciting and if one wants to make a carrier out of it then there are numerous roles and job opportunities available. The responsibilities of a phlebotomist may vary depending on the place they work. Like a phlebotomist working at a clinic will have different roles to the one functioning at a research lab.

Phlebotomist jobs

As mentioned above there are various job openings for the role of a phlebotomist. Some of them are also mentioned:

  • Health Screening- Oakland California- there is a huge opening for phlebotomists for health screening and the salary they are offering is about $47,430.
  • Laboratory dispatcher- California- Urgent requirement with a salary of about $45,350.
  • Clinic research coordinator- San Francisco- Urgent need for a clinic coordinator who can work in hectic situations. Salary is about  $46,950.
  • Clinical lab scientist- Berkeley- urgent requirement for phlebotomist who can function under hectic and rotational shifts with a salary of about $46,780

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